Patient registration:

Lower Silesian Oncology Center
pl. Hirszfelda 12
53-413 Wrocław

Registration by phone:

Monday to Friday

From 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

phone: 71 36 89 270
phone: 71 36 89 571
phone: 71 36 89 572


In the registration room located on the ground floor of building H a registrar will set up an INDIVIDUAL MEDICAL RECORD – MEDICAL HISTORY based on documents confirming the patient’s identity and other data obtained from the patient, his/her carer or relative.

Required documents:

    • identity card
      (first name, last name, date and place of birth, personal identification number (PESEL),
      address of permanent residence, residence and post code, parents’ names)
  • referral for specialist treatment (if required)
  • contact phone numbers

The patient is then registered with the appropriate specialist clinic and an appointment is made. Please note, in connection with the implementation of the ONCOLOGICAL PACKAGE, organizational changes have been made to the Oncology Outpatient Clinic registration procedure:

    1. Current patients can register by phone or at the registration desk and make an appointment for a specific date or for the first available date.
  • We do not guarantee a visit to a specialist on the date of registration will be possible.
  • First time patients who have a DiLO (oncological diagnosis and treatment) card or patients whose diagnosis was confirmed by histopathological examination are seen on the day of registration (as far as it is reasonably possible).
  • If the appointment cannot be made on the same day, the date of the visit is determined via AP-KOLCE (central queuing system).

A registrar determines the first available visit date in each consultation room and approximate appointment time .

Patient registered by phone:

    • on arrival, the patient goes directly to the appropriate office
    • w patients who are unable to make their appointment should cancel the visit at least one day in advance.
    • if there is no confirmation in the e-WUŚ system that the patient can receive free health services, they are obliged to sign an appropriate statement or to cover the costs of the provided medical service.