Dear Patient!

If you are already a patient of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław as part of the  DILO (oncological diagnosis and treatment) card, you can register for another visit by phone:

  • phone: 71 36 89 270
  • phone: 71 36 89 571
  • phone: 71 36 89 572

If you are a new patient of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław, you can register directly by phone or on-line on the website:

or by sending an SMS to number: 661 000 189
stating the DILO card number.


We are pleased to inform you that on 8 July of the current year we launched our new project:  OnkoScope. OnkoScope is a system designed to foster and ensure efficient communication between patients, primary health care (POZ) units and specialist departments of the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław. One of the important functions of the solution is tracking the treatment path of the Patient, so that the treatment plan (as determined by the requirements of the Oncolgical Package) can be followed.

Patients can register on-line or by phone. Patients can register on the website: or send an SMS to number 661 000 189 , stating the DILO card number.

Having received the message, we will call back as soon as possible and suggest an appointment date to acquaint the patient with the next steps of the treatment. We are a government owned healthcare institution, so the costs of the diagnostics and treatment are covered by the National Health Fund.

The system can also be used (free of charge) by all physicians who have signed an appropriate agreement with our Center and patients who have received a DILO card from their primary care physician.