• Marta Duluk
    psychologist, psychooncologist
  • Anna Dudek
    psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist, crisis intervener
  • Kamila Majchrzak
    psychologist, psychotherapist

Psychologists in the
Palliative Care:

  • Aneta Pawłowska-Okowiak
    (clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychooncologist,
    supervisor of the Polish Society of Psycho-oncology)
  • Anna Dudek
    (psychologist, cognitive behavioural therapist,
    crisis intervener)
  • Katarzyna Roemer

The Simonton method of counselling:

  • Magdalena Sadowska
    psychooncologist, Simonton method counselor

The Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wrocław employs 5 psychologists and psycho-oncologists who support patients suffering from cancer. Psychologists provide patient counselling in the hospital wards; they can also consult patients individually.

  • If you need help coping with the disease
  • Want to improve the quality of your life
  • Seek support for your family and want to improve communication with your relatives
  • Try to find the answers to your questions related to the disease
  • Or maybe you just want to talk to someone – call the number below and make an appointment with a psychologist.


Magdalena Sadowska is a psycho-oncologist, certified therapist using the Simonton method and a radiotherapy technician. She is also an author of articles and guidebooks for oncological patients. Apart from her professional work she is the president of the „Wygraj Zdrowie” (“Win a healthy life”) association committed to helping people suffering from cancer.


Dr Carl Simonton – was an American specialist in radiology and oncology, one of the pioneers of psycho-oncology, who created a psychotherapeutic program for cancer patients and their family and friends. 
Initially, the Simonton’s program was a complement to the conventional oncological treatment. Today it is highly regarded in many countries in Europe (including Poland and in USA and Japan. It was the first psycho-therapeutic program which proved that complementing conventional treatment with appropriate psycho-therapeutic intervention can increase the average life expectancy of patients while significantly improving their quality of life.


What is the Simontons therapy:

The Simonton’s therapy is and example of modern intervention psycho-oncology and is defined as a comprehensive and holistic program of psychotherapeutic intervention for patients suffering from malignant cancers. It relates to all basic aspects of human life.


Important elements of the therapy:

  • working with imagination
  • developing healthy habits
  • healthy lifestyle (assertiveness, diet, physical activity)
  • fostering healthy thoughts, attitudes and behaviors (their influence on emotions and the healing process)
  • developing a healthy image of oneself
  • successful coping with fear, depression, anger, sense of hopelessness or helplessness,and sense of grievance
  • successfully coping with everyday stresses
  • bringing back the joy of life
  • support for the family


The Simonton method involves:

  • individual counselling
  • group counselling
  • family counselling


(source: www.simonton.pl)